I did not dream of becoming a designer – my customers have made this choice for me. Victory of the Supernova design competition in 2004 inspired me to create new collections; this is the landmark since when I began existing in a new role of reality – being a designer, modeler, stylist and a fashion adviser. I love clothing the ideas, and, to be more precise – clothing them into the dreams of silk, cashmere and embroidery! My heroes are often very gifted personalities – painters, musicians, opera singers, ballet artists. I am inspired by the symbiosis of art – the transformation of one form of Art into the other. What color is the music of Astor Piazzola? How to transform the canvas of Malevitsh to the fabric? How to give new life to the butterflies of Rutt Tulving? How to arrange a defile in the horse-manege? How to reflect the ruffle-collar of the world’s unhappiest doll Pierrot in the modern dress, coat or blouse? Looking for the answers of those and similar to them questions is the most intriguing part of my job. I am fascinated by the process of creating the Beauty! Love transforming emotions, observations, challenges into the visible, distinguish and beautiful form, not obligatory in shape of a dress or costume, but also a fashion series in the sleek-magazine, essay or a fashion-show on an exciting for me issue! The year 2010 is really special for me – I gave birth to my daughter, and my desire to continue creating in the world of design have lead to the official beginning of trademark Oksana Tandit.